Camille Pace

Camille Pace

Camille Pace RN, BSN, RNC- NICU

Registered Nurse

Camille Pace, a registered nurse with 24 years of experience in neonatal intensive care (NICU), clinical nursing instruction, teletriage, and adult medical surgical, brings a wealth of expertise to her field. With 18 years in the NICU and a certification dating back to 2008, Camille earned her nursing diploma from Centennial College in Ontario, Canada, in 2000, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Vanguard University of Southern California, USA.

As the owner of The Write Maverick, LLC, Camille is a dedicated Health Writer and NCLEX Test Writer, venturing into freelance writing in 2022. Her nursing background not only grants her a profound grasp of medical terminology but also enables her to convey intricate health concepts clearly and comprehensively. Creating insightful health articles and blogs, Camille aims to enlighten and empower readers in making informed health choices, ensuring each article she composes, proofreads, and edits is imbued with clarity, quality, and credibility.

Currently, Camille contributes to health writing projects for HealthDay and writes NCLEX questions for LearningMate, showcasing her commitment to the field of health writing.